Asia is the cradle of Buddhism and many other largest religions. It is also one of the most important cultural centers of the world. Follow Inspiring Asia Travel’s steps in the journey discovering these intangible assets in your own ways.

Visit a famous historian and writer and have a casual talk on Vietnamese history spanning a thousand years and the varied aspects of Vietnamese culture. This is also a great opportunity to find out how he introduces the nation’s culture to the world and his life experiences.

The Vietnamese traditional performance shares many of the conventions of Chinese opera. Enjoy the classic atmosphere of one of the greatest achievements in Vietnamese art and Opera performance and interact with the actors and actresses will help you better understand about the origin as well as the theater's efforts to keep this intangible heritage alive for generations.

Baci ceremonies are an integral part of Lao culture. Held to celebrate a special event, whether a marriage, a homecoming, or a departure, it is based on an ancient belief and the good luck blessing ceremony in Cambodia. Come and explore this special ceremony yourself.

Our list of exclusive activities in Myanmar - the country of Buddhism and belief, is very diverse from private Marionette performance to joining a colorful local belief ceremony, Nat. For those who have special interest in Buddhism may like trying a 2-day meditation retreat with the local monks at one of most the sacred places in the country. Tell us what suits you the most and our experts will surely fulfill your wishes.