Our terrific culinary tours of Southeast Asia bring you the best in Asian culture and its revered cuisine. Our Southeast Asian adventures blend incredible eating and cooking experiences with vivacious cultural activities. You are a gourmet and looking for authentic flavors? 

Satisfy your taste with various choices of local foods. Experience the amazing sights and sounds of the bustling market and see raw materials before wandering with one of our gastronomy experts to enjoy aromas from local street food stalls. Then, visit at an authentic restaurant for sampling its specialty - grilled fish served in boneless chunks, smothered in greens and saffron-infused oil. Fantastically fresh food, straight from the frying pan onto your plate.


Explore another Vietnam’s royal cuisine with our charming gastronomy artisan who is a professor, author of cookbooks, food television presenter in Vietnam and Europe and the recipient of several prestigious Talent awards in Vietnam. The gastronomy artisan will share some advice of how to select the freshest produce and ingredients. The journey takes you to some local villages which each specializes in a different popular dish. 

One of the best ways to learn a foreign cuisine is to take a cooking class. In the past few years, dozens of options have popped up in Vietnam - capitalizing on the booming tourist industry. However, through the guidance of Inspiring Asia, you will have a chance to take part in a real private hands-on cooking class with a private Chef who will walk you through a local market, help you select the best fresh ingredients before proceeding to her private home for an amazing demonstration. Taste your own creations after finishing. 

Enjoy a family atmosphere and share cooking secrets with our well known local chef whose passion for cooking is so great that made him set up his own organic farmhouse where he now takes care of a spacious garden full of Thai herbs and tropical fruits. Experience how to pound curry paste and make authentic Thai curry. Create a dessert with the sweet fruits you picked right from the trees.