Inspiring Asia Travel will give you a broad introduction to major themes and forms of art and architecture in Southeast Asia, from the prehistoric pottery and bronzes of Thailand through Hindu-Buddhist architecture and sculpture to the art of later coastal commercial empires and the modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries. It will also examine the interplay between art and royal patronage, religious practice and colonial power.

Contemporary Vietnamese art is a mix of Eastern techniques and European influences. Meet up with a local art curator for a glimpse of how artists integrating the traditional into the modern and expressing themselves in new ways. Have a cocktail reception at the studio-home of a well-known Vietnamese painter, sculptor and art performer or pay a visit to the private home of a local artist for her paintings on Oil Canvas and Lacquer focusing on Abstract & Realism.

You will try a new way of discovering of Phnom Penh - the former French colonized city, through a relaxing means of transportation. Stroll along the streets to admire the mix of Khmer and French colonial architecture, led by our professional escort. 

Resurrect the Angkor Empire and its lost civilization through the stories brought by a local archaeologist who is currently working with Angkor Temple Conversations Institution. Bring with you home an overview of the Khmer history, culture, archaeology and civilization learned from the scholar’s knowledge.

Although less well-known because of the rocky political situation in Myanmar, Bagan easily stands with Angkor and Borobudur as one of the most significant and memorable archaeological sites of Southeast Asia. So many areas of Myanmar (Burma) should be World Heritage Sites, but Bagan is definitely unlike any other location in the world. Discover this ancient spiritual capital with our special Burmese scholar who is an archaeologist who will give you a deep insight about this magical land.