See thousands of Buddha statues lined up, then visit Wat Phra Keo, which is a religious museum that displays a collection of art representing Lao and Khmer artifacts. Continue with a visit to Wat Si Muang before visiting Patouxay monument, Laos' version of the Arcde Triomphe. End the day at That Luang, regarded to as the holiest site in Laos. This gold-like building was constructed in the 16th century.

Visit to the weaving home-studio of Mrs. Carol Cassidy, an American textiles expert who arrived in Vientiane in 1989 as part of a United Nations project to promote traditional weaving. Carol will personally escort you on a tour through her studio where she will explain the process of producing silk as well as sharing her life experiences and memories of living in Laos.

Pay a visit to the contemporary Villa Cythere gallery which is located in the former home of well-known French painter Marc Leguay. These days, the gallery exhibits work from many Lao artists in a number of different styles. Get to know more about the artists and their backgrounds by chatting with the director of the gallery who will be on-hand during your visit.


From November to February the weather in Laos is cool and dry while March to June sees temperatures soaring in to the high 30's Celsius. 

From July to October tend to be rainy, washing out some roads thus making rural areas inaccessible. 

The Lao people are very sociable and if you happen to be in the country during one of their festivals, you are sure to get caught up in the lively atmosphere.