Visit the sleepy village in Mekong Delta, what if the better to enjoy countryside scenery and river life on a charming wooden boat or short bike along narrow village lanes, past fruit orchards and local cottage industries and will be often greeted by a local people. Visit the home of a tropical fruit farmers and have a walk around their orchard, taste fresh fruits. Followed by a home-hosted lunch of Mekong Delta specialties. 

Visit the small Cai Be floating market, where the local people exchange goods, fruit and many other commodities on their boats. Cruise on river to observe traditional Delta life and visit a family-run business. Your trip will not be completely finished without a lunch of Mekong Delta specialties at an ancient Mandarin house where four generations of family members live together. 

If you crave lush rural landscapes rich with culture and culinary specialties, you should visit the people of the Mekong Delta and try a home-stay there. The local people are well-known for their simple character and hospitable ways. The fish specialties and fresh fruits prepared by local chefs create a unique culinary experience. The families are kind and welcoming, the facilities are basic, and the environment has clean air and quiet surroundings.


Vietnam's weather varies greatly from North to South with each area marked by slightly different seasons and climates. Because of these regional variations, there are always pleasant and favorable areas to visit throughout the year. 

The North, overall, tends to be cooler than the rest of the country and it is cool and the weather often damp at the day time from Nov till Feb

Central Vietnam experiences warm weather from Jul to Oct and wet, colder weather from Nov to May. 

Although the temperature remains fairly steady throughout the year, Southern Vietnam has two seasons. The dry season lasts from Dec to May, while from Jun to Nov is the rainy season.