Immerse yourself at the riveting Hall of Opium, which calculatingly chronicles the area’s history in the drug’s production and trade.

Train as an elephant mahout (a handler and caretaker) and go elephant trekking through the surrounding jungle.

With your expert guide, explore the fascinating architectural history and museum collections of Chiang Saen, the capital of Thailand’s 14th-century Lanna kingdom.

Journey up the “Burma Road,” a hair-raising route straddling the narrow and mountainous border between Thailand and Myanmar.

Visit the beautiful mountaintop village of Doi Mae Salong, home to indigenous hill-tribe peoples and Chinese settlers. Once opium country, Doi Mae Salong is now home to Thailand’s premier oolong tea production. Go for a one-hour hike through the tea fields and hill-tribe villages. You’ll have a special opportunity to sip tea with the owner of one of the largest plantations in Thai¬land, followed by lunch and tea with a prominent member of the Doi Mae Salong community to discuss the life today in this rural part of the country.

Cruise approximately 30 minutes by boat up the Khong River and into Laos. Disembark and visit Ban Had Tai village, where your expert guide will introduce you toits residents for a better understanding of life in this remote region.


The best time to visit Thailand is from Nov to Feb when the weather is dry and the temperatures are not too hot. During the winter, the temperatures in the far North can drop down to freezing during the evenings. 

From Mar to Jun the heat returns with temperatures soaring to over 40ºC during the day with minimal rain and low humidity. 

The rainy season begins toward the end of Jun and continues until Oct, generally consisting of a short but sharp downpour in the afternoon. 

The Southern beaches are faced with two weather systems which bring the tropical rains at different times of the year, so it's possible to enjoy Thailand's beaches year-round. From Jan to Sep the East coast is sunny and dry, before moving to the West coast from Oct to Apr.