Stroll across the nearby U Bein's bridge, the world's longest teak bridge which is ¾ mile long.

Meet the monks as they make their early-morning alms processions to collect their food donations from the local people. Visit the Mahamuni Paya and see the famed Buddha, covered in gold leaf daily by pilgrims. Join in and add a small amount of gold leaf to the Buddha. Visit the Shwei-in-bin Monastery, which is an example of traditional Burmese wooden architecture, the Kuthodaw Pagoda with the world's largest book made of marble, and the stupendous Mandalay Palace complex.

Visit some silk weaving workshops, and go shopping in Mandalay's famed crafts centers, where jade, lacquer ware, traditional puppets, and stone carvings are only some of the handicrafts available for purchase.

Invite some local members of the intelligentsia to have dinner with you at the Green Elephant restaurant, which features delicious Burmese and Shan cuisine, along with Thai and Chinese dishes.

Mingun is home to the world’slargest ringing bell, which weighs over 87 tons. Pay a visit to the site of the bell and continue to the unfinished Mingun Mantara pagoda, which was built between in the late 18th century by King Bodawpaya. A massive earthquake some years later caused the upper portion of the pagoda to collapse. The views from the top of the pagoda are remarkable, especially in the late afternoon when the setting sun casts an enigmatic light over the region.

Visit to Amarpura, the 18th century capital where the country’s largest monastery is located; Maha Ghandayon. Cross the Ayeyarwaddy River and head for the picturesque Sagaing Hill. The area houses an incredible amount of pagodas and monasteries, all painted white. It is regarded to as a religious centre in Myanmarand is home to over 3,000 monks and 100 meditation centres. Visit to another ancient capital, Ava, which was the capital of Myanmar before Amarpura. Board a horse carriage and ride to the wooden Bagaya Monastery and the remains of the Royal Palace.


Myanmar has a tropical climate with three distinct seasons: the cool season from November to February which is dry; the hot season from March to May with average temperatures in the 30's Celsius and occasionally over 40ºC; the rainy season from May to the beginning of October with frequent short rainstorms and humidity. The rains are rarely long enough to disrupt sight-seeing plans. For those heading to the beaches, the coast has two distinctive seasons of dry and rainy. During the rainy season (April - September), most resorts and restaurants close down entirely and the flight schedule is severely limited. The dry season is delightful with sunny skies, warm ocean breezes, and temperatures around 30 - 34ºC during the day.