Visit hill tribes, with names such as the Black Tai, Red Tai, White Tai, Tai Lue, Khmu, Oo, Lao Bit, Lanten, Mien, Hmong, Akha, Lahu, and Phou Noi, live lives that are almost completely untouched by the outside world. They dwell in modest shelters they build themselves, eat unprocessed natural foods, and live lives uncomplicated by the trappings and complexities of more technologically advanced societies.

Go trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, or boating down the lovely Nam Tha River, passing through highland forests, jungles, waterfalls and pristine rivers on your way.

Take a bicycle to the lovely waterfall at Ban Nam Dee, and watch the villagers making bamboo paper nearby.

Visit the Luang Namtha Museum and thewat (temple), and the local fresh food markets.


From November to February the weather in Laos is cool and dry while March to June sees temperatures soaring in to the high 30's Celsius. 

From July to October tend to be rainy, washing out some roads thus making rural areas inaccessible. 

The Lao people are very sociable and if you happen to be in the country during one of their festivals, you are sure to get caught up in the lively atmosphere.