Stay at the Tad Fane Resort, located on the cool Bolaven Plateau overlooking the pristine Tad Fane twin waterfalls, which cascade over 800 feet. The plateau is also home to Laos' finest coffee beans, which grow in the cool and moist climate–you can visit plantations nearby the resort.

Charter a boat to Champasak village on the banks of the Mekong River, home to Wat Phu, a Khmer temple set in a stunning location above the Mekong that precedes AngkorWat and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Adventurous travelers can opt for a homestay in Don Daeng, a small island that is one of 4,000 in the Mekong group, uncovered every dry season when the Mekong recedes and reveals thousands of tiny islets. Don Daeng is very rustic and traditional: stay with the warm, friendly family of a local fisherman.

Meet the village elders, tour the local school, and help out with the daily chores. At dinnertime, see a cooking demonstration of some of the traditional foods such assom tam (papaya salad), served with grilled fish and sticky rice.


From November to February the weather in Laos is cool and dry while March to June sees temperatures soaring in to the high 30's Celsius. 

From July to October tend to be rainy, washing out some roads thus making rural areas inaccessible. 

The Lao people are very sociable and if you happen to be in the country during one of their festivals, you are sure to get caught up in the lively atmosphere.