Visit Angkor Wat, one of the modern wonders and most important religious monuments in the world, with a renowned Khmer scholar. He will be able to share his vast experience and give you a concise overview of Khmer history, culture, archaeology and civilization. 

Visit the Royal city and former capital of the Khmer Empire, Angkor Thom by tuk tuk. Enter the city through the impressive South Gate, at first glance the temple may seem like a shapeless mass of stone, but further scrutiny reveals enigmatic faces looking into every direction. 

Enjoy a home-hosted lunch with a Khmer chef and her family. Let her introduce you to the diversity of Khmer cuisine through a home-hosted lunch in a relaxed, family atmosphere. Take the opportunity to share experiences with the chef and her family, as well as learning more about Cambodian cuisine.

Visit to the picturesque Ta Prohm, one of Angkor’s jewels and is overgrown with fig trees, giving a haunting yet exotic atmosphere. The magnificent roots of the trees have merged itself over the centuries with the temple’s huge stone blocks, emphasizing a ‘forgotten city’ feeling. 

The jewel of Khmer art, red sand-stone Banteay Srei temple, one of Angkor’s most significant structures as its walls are decorated with elaborate carvings in an amazing state of preservation. Much of the Angkor civilization can be learned here by studying the remarkable carvings. 

The temples of Angkor offer many romantic getaways. Surprise your loved one with a private, candlelight dinner at one of the Angkor temples. Enjoy the romantic setting with candle light, atmospheric lighting which emphasizes the ancient structure of the temple and take pleasure in a traditional Khmer music performance during your delicious dinner array of Khmer cuisine. 

Take participate in a private good luck blessing ceremony, performed by local monks at a local pagoda. It's a traditional way which is believed pass on the good luck of the gods and protect you from any evil spirits or accidents. 

Visit the sprawling jungle temple of Beng Mealea that preceded and may have served as a prototype for Angkor Wat. Contrary to Angkor, few carvings orb as-reliefs are evident. Today the temple is largely overrun by vegetation and the stone walls are crumbling which adds to its charm in a unique way. Accessibility has improved as elevated walkways have been set up throughout most of the temple, although to see all corners does require a sense of adventure as you will need to climb over stone blocks or walk through narrow passageways.

The floating village of Kampong Khleang, one of the largest settlements on the Tonle Sap Lake. Living on water is an art the Khmer people have mastered over the course of time. Visit this floating house and observe the local customs as well as talk with the friendly local people there about the differences they face living on the water. 

Private gourmet picnic lunch in a wonderful setting on the grounds of the temples of Angkor that give you an unique experience of admiring the backdrop of magnificent Khmer temples, pagodas or the view of lush paddy fields.